1. All About Love
    Claus Casper

  2. Love On The Rocks
    AP, Gimbrère

  3. Gone Too Late
    Dylan C. Greene, 3kelves & We Are Neurotic

  4. Steps Of The Met

  5. Feel The Love
    gizA djs and Rafael Cerato

  6. Whatever It Takes (Manuel Sahagun Remix)
    Steve Mill and Manuel Sahagun featuring Tee Amara & Tee Amara

  7. Unveiled
    gizA djs

  8. Whatever It Takes
    Steve Mill featuring Tee Amara

  9. Last One
    gizA djs

  10. Here We Go Again
    Alex Virgo & Jack Priest

  11. Everything
    Maxi Meraki

  12. On Air
    Alex Virgo, Bejamin Groove

  13. Don't Get Too Close
    Maxi Meraki featuring Coco & Coco

  14. You-Like-Me EP
    Jozef K

  15. Le Mirage
    Claus Casper

  16. Tulsa In The Haus EP

  17. Tensnake Pres. Best Of True Romance 2022
    Various Artists

  18. Desperately Seeking Something
    Ben Gomori

  19. Hard To Get EP
    Jesse Bru

  20. Breezin - Fall in Love
    Henrik Villard

  21. Hard To Get
    Jesse Bru

  22. I See U
    Henrik Villard

  23. Hip Shakin Mama EP
    Claus Casper

  24. The Mistake
    Steve Mill featuring Geraldine

  25. Shakuhachi

  26. Bridesmaids
    Dylan C. Greene, 3kelves

  27. Healing EP
    Jozef K featuring Jade Parker & Jade Parker

  28. Radical Acceptance
    Ben Gomori / G. Markus

  29. Burn After Reading
    Dan Corco

  30. Tensnake pres. Best Of True Romance 2021
    Various Artists

  31. Shocking Smile

  32. Higher
    T.U.R.F., Sondrio

  33. The Heart of Dark Matter
    Factory Sequences

  34. I Feel Love

  35. Acid Mate
    Inda Jani, Manuel Sahagun

  36. Bomb D Amour
    Enduro Disco

  37. Square Peg, Round Hole
    Ben Gomori / G. Markus

  38. Nitty-Gritty
    Melon Bomb

  39. Ichika
    Jozef K

  40. Best of True Romance 2020
    Various Artists

  41. Feel My Love
    Street Player

  42. San Lorenzo

  43. Spazio Segreto
    Factory Sequences

  44. Sweetness
    Melon Bomb

  45. Love Story
    Maxi Meraki

  46. Tensnake pres. Best of True Romance
    Various Artists

  47. Motel 4000
    Alan Dixon

  48. Restart

  49. Sticky

  50. Never Get Enough

  51. Sudden Move
    Phil Gerus

  52. Sunshine Music
    Jozef K

  53. Freundchen Remixes

  54. Play, Stop, Pause

  55. Machines

  56. Make Time EP
    Phil Gerus

  57. Freundchen EP

  58. E-Lane 2 Troy

  59. Desire

  60. Keep On Talking Remixes

  61. Melody EP
    Prison Garde

  62. Found Love
    Magic Touch feat. Charlie Sputnik

  63. Keep On Talking EP

  64. Sunrise Highway RMXS
    Sunrise Highway

  65. Sunrise Highway EP
    Sunrise Highway

  66. Nothing More
    Magic Touch

  67. The Sun EP
    Larse feat. Charlie Sputnik


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music, hot and humid // a label by TENSNAKE & friends

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